This Week’s Tabs

Magazines are not dead. Especially when they are well designed. Digest and Codex #3 are great examples.

A great behind the scenes by Elliot Jay Stocks on Digest’s typography & grid.

Two great typography Tumblrs – Type Novel and Type Hunting

What level web developer are you? Find out at Dungeons & Developers

How about circles in web design? First is circular navigation from CSS transforms.

Then, circular hover effects from CSS transitions. (via Veerle)

Glitched out jpegs are totally a thing right now. (via Sidebar)

How much money is your million dollar idea going to make you? Find out at What do you stand to make?

I was totally looking for something like this last year. I didn’t Google the right keywords. Network Link Conditioner

You can always have more icons. 50 Icon Sets with Stroked Icons via Iconfinder.

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