This Week’s Tabs

I’ve seriously got too many tabs open of things I want to share. So here is a quick list of cool, insightful, and/or fun things to check out.

Subtle Patterns Photoshop Plugin – (the robot siren is awesome, too)

Designing Blogs for Readers – a great reminder for focusing on content

Do you really need a freelance portfolio? – a great reminder for focusing on clients

Stacked Font by Denise Chandler – landing page extraordinaire

Ductus by Thomas Jockin – this is going to show up on next month’s headline heads up

100 Pixelated Camera Illustrations – some are a little blobby, but there are some real gems

David Bushell’s opinion on designing in the browser vs mockups

BitTorrent Sync – definitely going to find something to implement this

Starters Guide to iOS Design – a well designed overview of what to look forward to

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