Headline Heads Up – No. 13

One Tuesday every month, I’m going to round up a couple (maybe a few) awesome display typefaces to showcase and give a little breakdown on each one. If you have a suggestion you want me to take a look at, drop me a line. Let’s jump straight into some headline goodness.

Birra Stout

Foundry : Darden Studio
Designer(s) : Darden Studio
Cost: FREE

Birra Stout Typeface by Darden Studio - Alphabet Example

This fat face, slab serif has some serious junk in the trunk, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. There is ton of quirk and personality that give the characters life – the ‘E’ has two different serifs, the little crooks to the ‘R’ and ‘S’. My favorite character is the numeral five with its balancing act stem and interesting negative spaces. Overall, it is a solid heavyweight that is both bold and whimsical, almost circus and carnival like.

Birra Stout Typeface by Darden Studio - Candy, Peaches, Hot Dogs - Bold, Slab Serif Typography


Metropolis 1920

Foundry : Josip Kelava
Designer(s) : Josip Kelava
Cost: FREE

Metropolis1920 Typeface by Josip Kelava - Alphabet Example

Looking for an interesting take on Art Deco? Then have a look at Metropolis 1920. The reason I like this font – besides the fact that it looks awesome – is the glimpse of the creative process provided on the project page. Using a simple two-line technique and simple stick figure letters, basic shapes were created and refined. Because of their straight edges and rigid construction, these letters feel very solid and bold but remain interesting because of their intricacies.

Metropolis 1920 Typeface by Josip Kelava - Classic Jazz, Art Deco Type, 1920s Typography



Foundry : Lost Type Co-op
Designer(s) : Jason Mark Jones
Cost: Name your price

Sullivan Typeface by Jason Mark Jones - Alphabet Example

Last on this month’s list is Sullivan by Jason Mark Jones. This industrial feeling typeface comes in three variants – hatched, beveled, and complete fill. Used together you can layer multiple colors to create even more variety. The modular, structured nature of the letters can give them a solid presence in a design. Depending on the color combination, you can reinforce the industrial, hard edged feeling or soften Sullivan for a more modern flavor.

Sullivan Typeface by Jason Mark Jones - Example Bunnies and Chocolate in Pink and Green Offset Typography

Sullivan Typeface by Jason Mark Jones - Example Concrete Hammer and Sickle Layered Industrial Type

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