Headline Heads Up – No. 8

One Tues­day every month, I’m going to round up a cou­ple (maybe a few) awe­some dis­play type­faces to show­case and give a lit­tle break­down on each one. If you have a sug­ges­tion you want me to take a look at, drop me a line. Let’s jump straight into some head­line goodness.

FF Screen Logger Cool

Foundry : FontFont
Designer(s) : Kai Vermehr
Cost: FREE

Screen Logger Cool Alphabet - by Kai Vermehr

First up is a great pixel font available for free over at FontFont. It’s actually part of a package of free pixel fonts – FF SubVario. There’s a set of six proportional pixel and six mono-spaced fonts. Then three fonts in the Screen Logger family. Screen Logger Cool has the most personality in the set mainly because of its outlined form. It also comes with a useful Back version for easily layering two-tone versions. Check out the package to see samples of the SubVario and SubMono, then go ahead and grab it because it’s FREE!

Two-Tone Layering with Screen Logger Cool and Back (Teeanage Ninja Zombie Altered Ego Snapping Amphibian))



Foundry : Dzianis Serabrakou
Designer(s) : Denis Serebryakov
Cost: $49 per style

Appetite Typeface - Upright Script by Denis Serebryakov

Next up is Appetite which is best described as a bold, upright script, sans-serif. Yes, it certainly does blend a ton together and pulls it off extraordinarily well. The sweep of the strokes builds great personality that is reinforced by the weight. Given the script influence there are some nice standard and discretionary ligatures to enjoy. Then there is an italic if you need to switch it up a bit in your headline or packaging design. Be sure to go check out the font and see how it might work for you, and take a look at the designer’s Behance page as there is some great work there too.

Appetite Typeface Example - Made Up Wheat Crackers



Foundry : Laura Wor­thing­ton
Designer(s) : Laura Wor­thing­ton
Cost: $75 for the Pro version

Samantha Upright Script Alphabet - Typeface by Laura Worthington

I’m going to continue down the upright script path with the latest release from the always impressive Laura Worthington. You’re going to want to get the Pro version and its 2,715 glyphs which includes 60 ornaments, 45 pre-built catchwords, and 2,200 swash variations. As expected, everything is extremely well executed. The ridiculous amount of options will keep you busy finding the perfect letters. Here’s just a taste of some of the ornaments and catchwords in the image below. (And a link to the original image on Flickr because its a nice picture) Buy Samantha Upright Script on MyFonts.com

Introducing Miss Monday - Samantha Catchwords and Ornaments


Final Men­tions to Check Out

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