The First of Many

I realized the other day that there always has to be a first post. It also doesn’t have to be some groundbreaking, outstanding thing. It just needs to be a first step. What matters more is what follows. It’s more important to get started and continue to make progress.

Progress has been a long time coming. I originally developed the idea of SpareType as my senior project for my undergraduate degree at Auburn University in 2008. I have worked off and on at putting together a website through various incarnations and designs over the past two years. Having a perfectionist streak certainly didn’t help.

Though the name is SpareType, the site won’t be strictly typography. Type will play a part. I plan on releasing some typefaces once I learn the nitty-gritty of FontLab and the technical side of OpenType. Mostly, there will be general graphic design goodness in the form of vectors, textures, and whatever else I feel like exploring and producing. I’m also into web development so I’m sure some of that will come into my posts too.

In the meantime, take a look around and please, oh please, give me any feedback or suggestions.

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