Will Work for Money – Chalkboard Poster

I’m starting a new collection of chalkboard posters today. First up is the phrase “Will Work for Money”. I think it has the right amount of tongue-in-cheekness I’m looking for at the moment.

Will Work for Money in White Chalk Sketch on Black Chalkboard, typography and lettering, chalkboard poster

It’s been a tough start to this freelance road. What is really getting me right now is the glimpses of great projects that could be done and the sparks they set off in me. It sucks to have all these great ideas and be stuck with them because people won’t put a little money on the table. (And I do mean little. I’m having people balk on $1500 identity packages.) But I digress. The woes of freelancing are for another post.

Back to the chalkboard poster series. I’m loving the rough edges and sketched look of the type paired with the chalkboard texture. The combination of digital and handmade work was also very fulfilling. I’m vetting a few more phrases for the appropriate amount of sarcasm and/or inspiration. Keep a look out for more like this available in my Society6 shop both in poster form and canvas prints.