Hiring a designer can be tough.

Everybody has a different hourly rate. Nobody can agree on how many hours your project will take. How many revisions can you make? Does that include support after launch? Is your project at the top of the list, or have they made too many promises seeking that next paycheck?

I want to really spend time with my clients. I want to really understand their needs and position. I want to really help them grow. I want them to know I’m committed to their work. I want them to worry more about the work – not how many hours they’re going to be billed. I want my clients to feel stability. I want a better freelance business model.

Want to get on board?

Starting out we have two or three meetings of free consultation. We do introductions, get a little back story, and ask a few questions at the first meeting. This is the smell test, checking the water for any red flags right from the beginning. If nobody seems crazy, we dive into meeting two to outline projects, goals, and deadlines for the year. By meeting number three, we’re ready to sign contracts and celebrate. Then we work.

What do we work on?

With a broad graphic design background, there are several projects we can tackle together. Here are just a few ideas:

Branding – logo design, redesign, and identity materials
Product photography and lifestyle pictures
Print materials – catalogs, advertisements, postcards, flyers
Website design and implementation
Social media content

What do the numbers look like?

Minimum one year contract.
Cost $15,000.
Four clients maximum.

Sound interesting?

Get in touch and let’s set something up.