On Pixel Perfection

So I’ve got two great links dealing with pixels to kick off the week. First up is Pixact.ly – a game for testing how well you know your dimensions. Given a width and height, how precise can you draw the box?

Pixact.ly Screenshot - Pixel Measuring Game, browser game, pixel, dimensions

Second is The Dead Pixel Society. A group of 1990s-era icon designers have reunited to triumph the 32×32 pixel canvas of their youth. Each icon is handcrafted pixel by pixel with the same limited, 256-color palette of yesteryear. It really takes a video to stress the attention to detail and insane amount of reworking it takes to get to a finished product.

As far as my favorite, Benny from The Lego Movie is pretty hilarious. But that might be influenced by the fact that I finally watched the movie yesterday.

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