Twitter Bots @badpng and @pixelsorter

Way Spurr-Chen built a Twitter bot that will take an image you tweet at it, do some processing, and tweet you back a distorted result. Here’s one I sent it.

The real fun started when Way Spurr-Chen sent @pixelsorter and another Twitter bot @badpng the same image.

The two bots started tweeting back and forth, continually processing the results from the each other. After forty-two hand offs, the loop was broken so the two wouldn’t go on to infinity. Here’s what the two bots made together.

I love the idea of robot art. And glitch art can be very cool. It’s very abstract and postmodern. Done right it’s all about appreciating color, technique, and process. People make the coolest stuff on the Internet.

(via The Verge)

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