OSX Yosemite Icons

I’m still on the fence about updating my late 2008 Macbook Pro to Yosemite. I might wait for the 10.10.1 release for any of the bugs not caught in the beta to shake out. I’m also a little wary about the typeface changes. But I am excited about the design and the inspiration that leads designers to create new things.

For those of you who have already taken the plunge, you might notice some apps still waiting for an update to freshen up their design or introduce a cleaner icon to fit the new Yosemite style. Luckily you can cleanup your dock yourself with custom icons for OSX applications. Here’s a rundown of the best so far.

Yosemite Dock Icons By Jeremy Goldberg

Yosemite Dock Icons By Jeremy Goldberg - Replacement icons for Mac OSX applications


Muir: Yosemite Icons Volume 1 & Volume 2

Muir: Yosemite Icons by Sebastiaan de With


Adobe CC Icon Set by Benjamin Schmitt

Free Adobe CC Icons for Mac OSX Yosemite by Benjamin Schmitt, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Muse, InDesign, Bridge, After Effects


Dots by dradis75

Dots by dradis75 - Mac OSX Replacement Icons, Yosemite, Round Flat Minimalist Icons


Microsoft Office Icons for Yosemite by Jason Zigrino

Microsoft Office Replacement Icons for Mac OSX Yosemite by Jason Zigrino (ziggy19) - Word, Excel, Lync, Publisher, Powerpoint icons


Evernote Field Book by Jason Zigrino

Evernote Icon for Mac OSX Yosemite by Jason Zigrino, replacement icon, field book, notebook


What do you think? Are you digging the new OS or have you started a list of things Apple needs to fix? Should I make the leap to Yosemite – or a better idea, just get a new Mac. Maybe one of those shiny 5K iMacs? Yummm… *drool* *slobber*

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