This article popped up in my RSS feed yesterday and it was too much. Something welled up inside me to fight the evil design in the world in what little way that I could. I gave myself 24 hours to code a new landing page from scratch. (I had to give myself a good buffer because I knew nothing was getting done last night while I watched the football game. War Damn Eagle!) Along the way, I cleaned up the information architecture and rewrote some copy.

There’s way more that could be done, but I wanted to give myself a hard deadline. By putting myself on the clock, I didn’t futz around. Nor am I holding on to it because it’s not perfect. It’s just an unsolicited redesign of a landing page – nothing more, nothing less.

The current site lives at warioworld.com while you can see my redesign live on my new playground space.

Firefox Screenshot of Warioworld.com as it Currently Exists, 1996 web design, my eyes hurt

Warioworld.com Current Screenshot

Firefox Screenshot of Warioworld.com Redesigned Landing Page, unsolicited, responsive, web design

Warioworld.com Landing Page Redesign

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