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The Manual

Have a look at this the next time your ready for some deep reading and critical thinking. The Manual is a design journal that explores what it means to design for the web and why we design. Their first successful Kickstarter put them in print; now they are running another campaign to open up their publishing and expand production to multiple platforms.

My favorite article so far is Practicing Passion by Tiffani Jones Brown. It’s a powerful, personal look at overcoming the fear of mediocrity and finding the love for something. *Hint: it’s practice.* It was definitely the perfect read to keep me motivated this week and to keep powering through projects. Especially this gem of a paragraph.

If you want to have passion for your work then do what your coaches told you: set challenging goals for yourself every day, work hard to achieve them, and evaluate how you did at the end. Structure it in a way that makes absorption possible. Do it, in other words. Then do it some more.
– Tiffani Jones Brown

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