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With the redesign this week, I’m shifting to a more continuous development process. Tweak, break, fix, rinse, repeat. Before things settled too much I wanted to get a performance baseline of the new theme in action. You have to have a starting point in order to judge improvement – so here are the numbers.

in KB
Requests Empty cache
in seconds
Primed cache
in seconds
Cached Size
in KB
Home Page 30.1 10 2.95 2.82 24.6
Blog 210.1 12 4.16 2.69 202.6
Post 1 286.1 23 5.12 3.59 280.4
Post 2 220.9 16 2.79 2.99 220.9



All numbers come from Firebug 2.0.3 running on Firefox 31. Times above are the average of three tests for each scenario.


Already on the to-do list is to implement a build process with Grunt. That will take care of lowering the request numbers once the multiple JS and CSS files are combined. It should also trim a few kilobytes once it uglifies everything.

Second, and more important, is upgrading hosting. The shared hosting on Bluehost is great. I’ve never had any problems, tons of features, and things work wonderful for the price. Now that I’m getting serious and looking at the numbers, performance is where you take the hit. Waiting for a response from the server varied wildly with the quickest response taking 837 milliseconds and averaging 2.69 seconds.

Not a bad starting point but it will definitely get better.

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