RSS Feed Zero

I finally sat down today and tackled my backlog of RSS feeds. There were over 1300 items that have been piling up because of a conference and moving. After reading headlines and sorting through the riff-raff, I have for you the gems of the last week.

Game About Squares – Simple, minimalist brain teaser of a game

Greater Than or Equal To – Wonderful concept for a writer’s website, executed perfectly

Some details on Github’s CSS by Mark Otto

Chris Coyier pulls back the curtain on Codepen’s CSS

Dave Rupert talks about responsive web design bloat, then increases his site’s performance. – Have a lot of fonts on your computer? Ever wonder what a word would like in every font loaded on your computer? Boom, problem solved.

VIDE – jQuery plugin for video backgrounds

A visualization of creatives’ salaries from a Designer News survey

Elliot Jay Stocks is consolidating his web typography knowledge

A dissenting opinion about Monotype buying FontShop

And we finish with this expletive laden video of every Samuel L. Jackson Mother######.

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