Net Neutrality Comments

Maybe I’m in an expletive accessible mood, given the Samuel L. Jackson compilation the other day, but this felt good to read. The FCC released all the comments it received during the public hearing portion of its net neutrality proposal. Then The Verge created infographics for the more colorful parts of speech used.

George Carlin (and Lenny Bruce) would be proud of us. In comments to the FCC, citizens used the combined list of suggestive, raunchy, rude, crude, lewd, and off-color terms a total of 8,289 times. Here’s a detailed breakdown, plus a couple of bonus words that are sure to offend the bureaucrats who have to slog through our anger.

My opinion on the matter is that all traffic should be treated equally. It’s all the same – ones and zeros, bytes and packets. Build and expand the infrastructure to keep pace with demand. Plan and factor those costs into doing business. Price services accordingly. It is amazing how simple that formula is, and yet how easily internet service providers screw it up.

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