Peaches and Cream Typeface by Fenotype Lowercase, brush script, connected lowercase letters

Headline Heads Up – No. 22

One Tues­day every month, I’m going to round up a cou­ple (maybe a few) awe­some dis­play type­faces to show­case and give a lit­tle break­down on each one. If you have a sug­ges­tion you want me to take a look at, drop me a line. Let’s jump straight into some head­line goodness.

HWT Artz

Foundry : Hamilton Wood Type Foundry
Designer(s) : Erik Spiekermann
Cost: $24.95

HWT Artz by Erik Spiekermann Alphabet Example, wood block type, digital version, all uppercase characters

Everything old is new again. HWT Artz is a digital version of wood type designed by Erik Spiekermann and cut by the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. It’s built for large, blocky headline work and would be perfect for posters and large display signage. Its rounded corners are a nod to the production process of wood type; sharp corners would require more hand-finished production time. You can also feel good about your purchase because proceeds of sales benefit the museum’s ongoing operations.


Peaches and Cream

Foundry : Fenotype
Designer(s) : Emil Karl Bertell
Cost: $35 per style

Peaches and Cream Typeface by Fenotype Lowercase, brush script, connected lowercase letters

I’m always a sucker for a good brush script, especially one with plenty of OpenType alternates. Peaches and Cream has stylistic, swash, and titling alternates for every glyph. It also has quite of few unique ligatures. All that combines to make a dynamic typeface perfect for building headlines, logos, and other custom feeling pieces without pulling out the pen and ink.



Foundry : Tyler Finck
Designer(s) : Tyler Finck
Cost: $19

Grandstander Typeface by Tyler Finck Alphabet Example, handmade block letter font, numerals

Last on the list this month is Grandstander by Tyler Finck. This handmade block type consists of four fonts. There is a clean version, a distressed print version, the individual shadow version, and finally the full version layered for your using pleasure. It’s fun, bouncy and playful which makes it perfect for laid back communications and children’s applications. Oh, and you can get the clean version for free which is awesome.grandstander_versions

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