233 Days

For shame. I’m glad I’ve never called myself a blogger. I’m pretty sure seven months and twenty days is too long of a break between posts. Luckily, I’ve been working on stuff.

A redesign of the site has been in the works. It’s been a slow process as I’ve also been retooling my workflow. I’m writing a post about that process and learning new things which will go up with the new design. I’ll also have a post breaking down the design as it includes a re-branding with new logo and focus. A few more final touches and it will be ready to go.

Preview of SpareType redesign in progress, home page, new logo, new color scheme

A redesigned SpareType

My attention was also diverted from the website as I focused on opening a Society6 shop for some artwork. It was a great outlet for making stuff and putting it out into the world, which seems to be a constant nagging feeling I have lately.

SpareType on Society6 - Artwork, posters, t-shirts, phone cases

SpareType on Society6

And then there’s the firehouse of my RSS reader, that I still need to learn to control. The constant inflow of freebies, techniques, articles, showcases, and more is entertaining and informative. But it doesn’t get work done.

So I’m putting myself on notice. Get more work done. Now, back to work.

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