This Week’s Tabs

BETTER EMAIL BRAULIO from Thundertiger on Vimeo.

Some fun posters, cards, and stickers with great type – Fifty Five Hi’s

Type Fight – Two letters enter, one letter leaves.

Colin Tierney – Awesome portfolio with some great lettering

84 high quality scans of wood type alphabets

How well do you know your brand blues? (And other hues)

Harpoon – Freelance financial planning and metrics looks promising, along with a good newsletter to other freelancing articles.

5 Signs It’s Time to Make the Switch From Employee to Freelancer (via Harpoon newsletter)

Good article, even better design. This is web journalism taking advantage of technology to tell a story.

I’m thinking about running my own Dropbox-style server with ownCloud. Another promising piece of software to check out.

Christmas is right around the corner, maybe you need some free festive icons.

Two javascript plugins for drawing charts – chart.js uses HTML5 canvas while Pizza takes an unordered list and produces an SVG

Typesense is a simple, responsive and content-centric WordPress theme from Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli.

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