This Week’s Tabs

Macaw Sneak Peek from Macaw on Vimeo.

Want a quick cheat sheet of CSS3 Animations? Here it is.

Speaking of animation, a nice example of a fixed header bar that scales on scrolling.

A genius UI concept, move loading indicators into the action that triggered it.

More code – Slide and push menus that appear from off page.

Even more code – Gridism by Coby Chapple. A simple, responsive CSS grid.

Matthew Butterick has published a web-based book – Butterick’s Practical Typography. Great tips (or reminders) of what good typography means. (via Sidebar)

Another Sidebar find – The Hipster Logo Design Guide. Six steps to the perfect logo.

Similar advice from Webdesigner Depot – 12 Signs You’re a Trendy Designer. Beware…

Are long shadows the next phase of flat design?

Heritage UI vectors by Ryan Putnam. Really, you should check out everything he does. Rype Arts, Vector Mill, Vectips. Prolific would be a good descriptive word.

The most minimalist WordPress theme I’ve ever seen – Clutterless by One Page Love

Let’s finish with another video, Underlight – Ale Paul meets Tomás García by Author’s Bay.

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