Headline Heads Up – No. 17

One Tues­day every month, I’m going to round up a cou­ple (maybe a few) awe­some dis­play type­faces to show­case and give a lit­tle break­down on each one. If you have a sug­ges­tion you want me to take a look at, drop me a line. Let’s jump straight into some head­line goodness.

Primus Script

Foundry : Katharina Putick
Designer(s) : Katharina Putick
Cost: FREE

Primus Script Alphabet - Typeface by Katharina Putick, Pixel Script Font

First up this month is a neat idea called Primus Script by Katharina Putick. It’s a pixel script font and that just makes it unique. It has a very needlepoint, sewing feel because of this construction, but that doesn’t mean it’s for your grandma. It’s all digital business. I would definitely call it cute and feminine – think teen girl online journal, digital stationery, or a cupcake bakery. Get your copy of Primus Script on Dafont.com.

Primus Script - Pixel Script Type, Cute Email Signature Font, Traditional Meets Modern Type


Che’s Bone

Foundry : Filiz Sahin
Designer(s) : Filiz Sahin
Cost: FREE

Mr Che Alphabet - Letters by Filiz Sahin, Dog Bone Shaped Letters

Che’s Bone (or Mr. Che) isn’t even a font. When downloaded, there is just an .EPS file of these capital letters. That’s not a knock against it. I included Che’s Bone because the letters are unique and have great personality. They work in a display usage as a drop capital, name, monogram, or even the type for a logo. Again, I’ll use the word cute. Filiz has a few more great typographic experiments on her Behance profile you should check out when you go to download Che’s Bone.



Foundry : Characters Font Foundry
Designer(s) : Rene Verkaart
Cost: FREE in 2012

Savant Alphabet - Typeface by René Verkaart, Playful Sans Serif

Next up is Savant – a playful sans-serif with touches of personality. A dark weight gives it presence and its quirks give attitude. Just look at the lowercase ‘g’ or ‘k’ and the uppercase ‘E’ or ‘R’ for examples. Want even more curve and movement, combine Savant Italic for more personality. And while it is full of personality, it doesn’t sacrifice simplicity and legibility so it makes sense as a headline typeface. Savant is free through the end of 2012 so hurry up and grab your copy.

Savant Example - Quirky Sans Serif with Some Personality Curves


Citizen Slab

Foundry : Joel Felix
Designer(s) : Joel Felix
Cost: FREE for personal use

Citizen Slab Alphabet - Typeface by Joel Felix, Wide Slab Serif Display Font

Last on this month’s list is a vintage slab serif that is quite the character. Citizen Slab is a modern update with its exaggerated features and curves. It speaks to an 1800s aesthetic, but does it in a new way – especially with some of the alternate glyphs. It would make a great look for packaging, posters, and possibly even an identity. Get your copy of Citizen Slab and get to making some headlines!


Final Men­tions


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