Wallpaper Wednesday – No. 13

On the first Wednes­day of every month, I’m going to pull together some inspi­ra­tions and resources I have around and make some sweet desk­top wall­pa­pers. It’s usu­ally just going to be one or two at a time. They will be all over the place, from type related to what­ever cool pat­tern I might be dig­ging at the moment. As always, let me know what you like or if there is some­thing you want to see.

A Penguin New Year

I had this idea the other day for a wide-eyed penguin that just stares you down. I put him together and brushed the whole thing using some water­color brushes from Bit­tbox. I played with a couple of different type treatments for him to say something about enjoying the new year, but I never found anything I really liked. (That’s why the I’m a day late!) He needs a name, so leave a suggestion in the comments.

A Penguin New Year Wallpaper Preview - Frosty Blue Watercolor Brushed Background and Penguin

A Penguin New Year Wallpaper Preview

2560 x 1440
1920 x 1200
1440 x 900
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960 x 640 (iPhone 4)

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