Wallpaper Wednesday – No. 12

On the first Wednes­day of every month, I’m going to pull together some inspi­ra­tions and resources I have around and make some sweet desk­top wall­pa­pers. It’s usu­ally just going to be one or two at a time. They will be all over the place, from type related to what­ever cool pat­tern I might be dig­ging at the moment. As always, let me know what you like or if there is some­thing you want to see.

Fatboy Type Love

If you haven’t heard of the Wood Type Revival, stop reading now and go check it out… don’t worry this post will still be here when you get back. They released an initial free version of Fatboy as part of their Kickstarter campaign which I’ve had sitting around for awhile and wanted to do something with it. Once I saw these vintage paper textures from Bittbox, things just rolled together real fast. I topped it all off by setting SpareType in Old Press – a font that will be part of this month’s Headline Heads Up.

Fatboy Type Love Wallpaper Preview

Fatboy Type Love Wallpaper Preview

2560 x 1440
1920 x 1200
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
960 x 640 (iPhone 4)

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