A Spare Update – No. 2

I’m way behind this month’s normal posting schedule so I’m going to wrap up this month’s Wallpaper Wednesday and Headline Heads-Up into one big update post.

I’ve gotten behind because it is now September, and here in the southern United States that means college football. As a way of celebrating the start of the season, I put together some buttons honoring my alma mater – as well as our nemesis. They turned out to be more popular than I expected. Get your own over at the shop and keep me busy.

Auburn and Alabama Pinback Buttons - Toomers Corner, Toomers Oaks, Denny Chimes, Tiger Paw

Toomer’s Tree

For this month’s wallpaper I’m sticking with the Auburn theme. Using the iconic Toomer’s Tree outline and the words for the Auburn Fight Song, I put together something simple and nice. I know it’s not for everybody, but maybe next month will be yours. You can always send in suggestions.

Auburn University Fight Song and Toomers Tree Wallpaper Preview

AU Fight Song and Toomers Tree Wallpaper Preview

2560 x 1440
1920 x 1200
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
960 x 640 (iPhone 4)


Now on to the awesome type I’ve seen floating around.


Foundry : Arnold Hoepker
Designer(s) : Arnold Hoepker
Cost: FREE

Telefono Alphabet

This would be a great drop-cap for any editorial use. It reads right off the page of something Wired Magazine would do. The elements come together to create interesting shapes that are awesome just as pieces. The fact that they can be used as letters is almost a bonus to me. You can find more Teléfono on the designer’s Behance page.

Telefono Typeface Example - How to Take Stuff Apart


Glow Gothic BF

Foundry : Bomparte’s Fonts
Designer(s) : John Bomparte
Cost: $29 for each style

Glow Gothic BF Typeface Alphabet

With some effects work in Illustrator I know I could recreate this style on a piece of lettering. But sometimes it’s nice to already have the tool in the toolbox instead of reinventing the wheel. With companion underlay and overlay styles for creating multicolor variations quickly with copy and paste, this font can be an effective tool. Though it definitely speaks to me as something from the 1990s – kind of a “we did the effect because we could.” The effect and the rotund gentleness of the base letters also give it a children’s playfulness, maybe something you would see on Nickelodeon.

Glow Gothic BF Typeface - Dot Pattern Outline Font


Stroke Dimension

Foundry : Måns Grebäck
Designer(s) : Måns Grebäck
Cost: FREE for personal / $59 for commercial use

Stroke Dimension Typeface Alphabet

Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most remarkable. There are no crazy OpenType ligatures or alternates. There are no unique and radical letter forms. All there is to Stroke Dimension is a simple hand-drawn, shaded styling that gives it all the character and purpose it needs. It is the perfect display font when needing to work with children’s school material and the pent up teenage angst of love notes passed in class.

Stroke Dimension Typeface Example - Hipster Fashion Stripes


Just to mention another cool typeface I bookmarked with awesome handmade appeal – bobsmade font. I ran across it on deviantART, then got to checking out their website where they’ve got even more awesome everything! (*hint* You should totally check it out!)

Bobsmade Typeface Alphabet Example - Handdrawn, sketchy type font


 Final Mentions to Check Out

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