10 Killer Zombie Resources

Whether you are currently a member of the living dead or just a fan of gruesome, bloody brain matter, the zombie look definitely has some awesome design elements for any horror project inspiration. Below you’ll find ten great pieces for that next gory, splattered-filled project.

1. Absinthe Typeface

Victorian personality oozes through the curls and broken shapes of this typeface. It lends a refined gruesome, a restlessness that is uncomfortable because of the unevenness of the shapes. Absinthe is perfectly unsettling for that horror atmosphere. It also has an awesome name.
Absinthe Typeface used in a Zombie Attack

2. Folk Typeface – Sketches Variant

Again, unevenness is at play in Folk Sketches to put it on the list. Its simple letterforms make a warning message easy to read, but lend a bit of the hand scrawled nature expected in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.
Folk Typeface used to Warn of Impending Zombie Apocalypse

3. B-Movie Retro Typeface

The last typeface on the list is a true a poster child. The most awesome version is Brush Extreme with its crazy edges and rough strokes. It’s a straight up monster movie or Halloween design staple. Also cool, a catchwords font of already setup words like Danger! and Terror!
Yum...Brains and Danger! and frightening set in B-Movie Retro Typeface

4. Blood Splatter 1

What’s more zombie than blood splatter? I can’t think of anything else. You’ll always need a few good blood splatter patterns to add background texture and help set the scene of gruesome.

Various Blood Splatter Patterns - Set 1

5. Blood Splatter 2

You need variety in your blood patterns. Any good forensic investigator will tell you that blood does different things depending on the object used and the force at which the zombie’s head is decapitated.
Blood Splatter Link #2 - Shown in toxic zombie green

6. Blood Splatter 3

One last splatter just for good measure. There are plenty more out there with their own subtleties so keep an eye out for that perfect splotch of blood.

Shown in robust red blood - Splatter Resource Link #3

7. Brain Engraving

Give your pet zombie exactly what he or she wants with this squishy brain engraving. Perfect to use as its own element, this brain also makes great use for adding that wrinkled, brain texture to other elements by layering and clipping. I scanned this out of an old book a while back and can’t remember exactly where I got it, but it sure is a perfect brain. I’d hate for it to go to waste.

Download the package right here! One TIF, one Illustrator tracing, and one EPS file – 15mb
One Half of a Brain in an Etching/Engraved Style

8. Zombie Pixel Head

This is something I made myself. The 8-bit zombie niche is very small – some might say nonexistent – but I would argue that zombie pixels are just as dangerous as regular zombies. There really should be more public service announcements making people aware of the danger zombie pixels pose to their computer screens.

Download the package file right here! One Adobe Illustrator and one EPS file – 108kb
Pixelated Zombie Head with Brains Showing, Gnarly Teeth, and Blood Dripping Mouth

9. Three Zombie Heads

Way more gruesome than the pixel head above, these three heads perfectly showcase decrepit flesh and bone-gnawing teeth. Oh the horror, the horror!
Three Gruesome Zombie Heads from Spoongraphics

10. Zombie Color Swatches

Do you need a jump on the perfect brain color or perhaps you’re having a hard time nailing down the right color green of undead flesh? Well, here’s a palette to start you off right. A good mix of blood reds, Frankenstein greens, and internal organ pinks will put you on the right path color wise.
Swatch Exchange File for Some Typical Zombie Colors - Reds, Pinks, Greens

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