Hey Kids, This Is Advertising!

Coupon with Large Headline - "Hey Kids This Is Advertising"I think this is totally blog worthy and an interesting conversation starter. I took the kids to Burger King for lunch on Saturday. (It was a bribe for good behavior while grocery shopping and also a chance to get them sugared up for raking leaves in the yard.) Of course they get a toy in their kids meal. Along with the toy, there was a little piece of paper showing how to put everything together and then push the button to make the toy go shooting across the floor.

And then, there was this. In big, bold, block letters – Hey Kids This Is Advertising! Now that I’m reflecting on it, I’m not quite sure what to think. At the time, I smirked. I almost LOL’ed but something stopped me. I think it was the indecision on whether this was a good or bad thing.

On one Whopper-filled hand I thought, “It’s a good thing that they are identifying and in some way separating the advertising push from the helpful fun part.” On the other hand, occupied by a 48 ounce “small” cup of sugary Dr. Pepper, I find the tone of the statement to be, “Hey Kids, this is advertising and doesn’t it look cool!”

Because really, the whole thing is advertising. The bag, the toy, the coupon, the entire concept of kid’s meal is advertising. So what’s the point of putting that statement on there? That’s the question I put to you.

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