Headline Heads Up – No. 2

One Tuesday every month, I’m going to round up a couple (maybe a few) awesome display typefaces to showcase and give a little breakdown on each one. If you have a suggestion you want me to take a look at, drop me a line. Let’s jump straight into some headline goodness.

Fatquad 4F

Foundry : 4th february
Designer(s) : Sergiy Tkachenko
Cost: $30 USD

Fatquad 4F - Alphabet

Ooooh, chunky, chunky! This is a new font released in November. I’m pretty sure I first saw it through the MyFonts RSS, which is a great address to have in your reader for new inspiration and new releases.

Fatquad 4F is truly fat. It makes its mark and takes over space with sheer force. The slight bulge of the edges makes it overinflated, and something about that is playful. For some reason, that playfulness made me think Polynesian Tiki Torches. I think it has to do with the incised, woodcut feel of the counters and contours that define each letter. It also looks so different than your normal serif and sans faces that it works great when needing that other-worldly, alien feel.

Fatquad 4F has some really nice technical features. It supports Latin and Cyrillic character sets; it also has a set of boxed letters and numerals that would work out great for page numbers or section markers. There is also a slanted “italic” should the need arise for some type of differentiation or emphasis in a medium to long headline. Go grab your copy today!

Fatquad 4F - Tiki Torch

Fatquad 4F - Alien World Apocalypse


Foundry : Font Fabric
Designer(s) : Svetoslav Simov
Cost: FREE

SAF - South Africa World Cup - Alphabet

I’ve had this one laying around for a few months. I like soccer, nowhere near being a hooligan though. World Cup years are good years. While watching this year’s games in South Africa, I loved the type they were using and did a Google search which led me to SAF. It is not the original used by FIFA but a re-creation by a fan who redrew the vectors for the letters. (If anybody knows of an official, original font for this please let me know.)

It is definitely headline material, as it does not have a lowercase. It does have a good set of accent characters to cover a few languages outside of the normal Latin character set. It also has a set of numerals and punctuation marks – so you could set a sentence if you wanted.

The shapes, the curves, the slight unevenness in places all lend to the playful, dancing quality the letters seem to have. They are alive and bouncing, full of energy leaking out of every corner. The playfulness makes it another great alternative to the overused Comic Sans – though a company memo about the upcoming picnic will still look horrible if the entire page is set only in SAF.

SAF - Inspired by the South African World Cup Font

SAF - Inspired by the South African World Cup


Foundry : Pablo Impallari
Designer(s) : Pablo Impallari
Cost: FREE

Lobster - Upright Script Typeface Alphabet

The third and final headline typeface I’m showcasing this month is Lobster. It is an upright script with a very even character. It has a very restrained personality and very few letters even attempt to steal the show with a fancy detail. This is both a pro and con depending on what you are trying to do with the type.

I do love the look of Lobster. My first thought is Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips from Maine. I also love the OpenType features being built into special stylistic ligatures and finial forms. Below you can see some of the subtle differences already built into the font – slight alterations to the “yp” connection and a big change to the “phy” at the end.

Lobster - Upright Script Typeface with Ligatures

One of the main reasons I picked Lobster is because it is released under the SIL Open Font License. This means when you download it, you also get the raw source files for editing in FontLab. You can build on to the font and add your own characters, ligatures, stylistic alternates, OpenType features, or any font trait you can think. (Albeit, you have to know your way around Fontlab!) It is a great typeface with where it is now, but also has a roadmap for expansion of alternates and language support which will be exciting to see.

Lobster - Upright Script Typeface with Ligatures

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