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The Manual

The Man­ual presents crit­i­cal think­ing about the why of design prac­tice with very per­sonal writ­ing. I’m sold.

Elise Typeface by Alex Liebold - Layering Example, Letter A in pieces, solid, outline, shadow, ornaments

Headline Heads Up — No. 23

Five awe­some dis­play faces are fea­tured this month. Take a look then punch up those headlines!

Let’s Internet Like 1998

Is your Inter­net run­ning too fast? Com­cas­tify it up with this handy script. Also, sup­port net neutrality!

This Weeks Tabs Featured Image - Codepen Screenshot of Glitch CSS effect, animated gif

This Week’s Tabs

Typog­ra­phy tat­toos. Enough said. (Though there is more than just that in case you need some con­vinc­ing to click and read.)


Pokémon Color Palettes

Poké­mon and color the­ory? Works out really well in fact.

Watercolor OpenStreetMap of Mobile, Alabama

Watercolor Street Maps

Mod­ern map data given mod­ern pro­cess­ing for a hand painted effect.

Call Me Mix Master Hyphen

Ready to start a career lay­ing down tracks and record­ing sick beats? (Who isn’t?) Check out Super-Looper to indulge those DJ wanna-be fan­tasies. Now I must get back to wear­ing only one head­phone over my ear.

This Week’s Tabs

In my tab bar this week are a table and tent I really want, plus a few other good­ies to teach you Open­Type and the his­tory of the web.