On Pixel Perfection

Let’s start the week off with pix­els — a pixel game and The Dead Pixel Soci­ety. Ooh, how exciting!

Portent's Content Idea Generator - chalkboard background, ribbon and swash typography, keyword, keywords, blog title, buzzfeed, viral marketing

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Not sure what to write about to fill in that hole on your edi­to­r­ial cal­en­dar? Portent’s Con­tent Idea Gen­er­a­tor has you covered.

I Shot the Serif, but I Did Not Shoot the Sans - Typography game, flash game

I Shot The Serif

Here’s a fun dis­trac­tion to kill a few min­utes from design agency tothe­p­oint. I Shot the Serif. Get it… a Bob Mar­ley ref­er­ence… oh okay…

Coolors.co — Color Palette Generator

I like fun, single-task tools that make inspi­ra­tion easy. How about color palettes just by click­ing space­bar? Coolors.co has you covered.


Woodkit by Ondrej Jób

The Wood­kit type­face sys­tem by Ondrej Jób is the best typog­ra­phy thing I’ve seen this year. Yep, micro­phone dropped, walk off the stage.


OSX Yosemite Icons

Want to freshen up your third party apps to OSX Yosemite’s cleaner style? Here’s a list of the best replace­ment icons to help straighten out your dock.

Comic Sans Criminal Pledge, choose the right type

Are You A Comic Sans Criminal?

It’s a funny web­site for the less typo­graph­i­cally inclined users you may know — like Janet in human resources. It’s also a good resource for designer friends because of its list of alter­na­tive comic book fonts. You should totally take the pledge!

Comic Sans Criminal Pledge, choose the right type

Form Invaders by Typeform, space invaders with radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and submit buttons

Form Invaders

The folks over at Type­form are mak­ing it easy to build beau­ti­ful, user-friendly forms and sur­veys. But what also caught my atten­tion was their sense of humor. Form Invaders lets you shoot down radio but­tons, check boxes, drop­downs, and the evil sub­mit but­ton over­lord. It’s a great two minute time waster.