Closeup of 13000 Super Nintendo Sprites from an Image by Reddit User lax4, 16 bit pixel artwork, 8 bit graphics

13,000 Super Nintendo Sprites

Appar­ently I didn’t play the right Super Nin­tendo games because I don’t rec­og­nize any of the char­ac­ters in this mas­sive pixel col­lage of 16-bit sprites. I did find a pin­ball machine though.

Closeup of 13000 Super Nintendo Sprites from an Image by Reddit User lax4, 16 bit pixel artwork, 8 bit graphics

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U.S Patent Diagram of a Camera Printed in White on Chalkboard Background - Patent Prints Shop on Etsy

Patent Print Posters

Chalkboard-esque posters? Check! Really cool dia­grams? Check! An awe­some start to the week? Check!

iPhone Camera Comparison

Tech­nol­ogy gets bet­ter, faster, stronger every year. But what does that actu­ally look like? Lisa Bet­tany pulls out all eight iPhone mod­els and shoots the same shots to com­pare the progress Apple’s hard­ware and soft­ware have made over the years.

iPhone Camera Comparison by Lisa Bettany, Strawberries in a bowl close up shot with multiple iPhone camera models

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The Pastry Shop Chocolate Cake Logo Variation - Mobile, Alabama bakery, logo design

The Pastry Shop

The Pas­try Shop of Mobile, Alabama needed a new street sign. This pro­vided the per­fect oppor­tu­nity to cre­ate an updated, cus­tom logo and cohe­sive iden­tity for a decades old business.

Wario Motorcycle Outfit,, Nintendo Developer Site, unsolicited redesign

There are some scary things on the Inter­net — like bad, stuck-in-1996, web sites. Time for yours truly to brighten the world with bet­ter design one unso­licited redesign at a time.

The Manual Header, Pages flying out of a book, emerald green background, critical writing and thinking about design

The Manual

The Man­ual presents crit­i­cal think­ing about the why of design prac­tice with very per­sonal writ­ing. I’m sold.

Elise Typeface by Alex Liebold - Layering Example, Letter A in pieces, solid, outline, shadow, ornaments

Headline Heads Up — No. 23

Five awe­some dis­play faces are fea­tured this month. Take a look then punch up those headlines!

Let’s Internet Like 1998

Is your Inter­net run­ning too fast? Com­cas­tify it up with this handy script. Also, sup­port net neutrality!