Wallpaper Wednesday — No. 2

Uh-oh, only the sec­ond one and I’m already a day late on my sched­ule. I decided to do these on the first Wednes­day of the month. It seemed like a good first addi­tion for start­ing an edi­to­r­ial cal­en­dar. I’m work­ing on fill­ing out the rest of my month for some recur­ring post types; any sug­ges­tions you want to offer are greatly appre­ci­ated. Now, on to the wallpaper.

Scat­tered Metal Type

This comes from an old school project I did back in the day. I plan on putting it up here for every­body to see because it was one of my bet­ter projects. For one of the spreads I needed a pic­ture of metal type and we had some lying around in the class­room. I threw a hand­ful in a light box, sorted them around a bit, and snapped the pic­ture. I tweaked the gra­di­ent aspect a bit in Pho­to­shop to put the whole thing together as a wall­pa­per. It was a much tighter crop for the project along with being inte­grated with some other elements.

Scattered Metal Type Wallpaper Preview

Scat­tered Metal Type Wall­pa­per Preview

1920 x 1200
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
960 x 640 (iPhone 4)

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